jeudi 12 avril 2007

To us the life

I dug up, once again, an old poem telling a buried story:
Is there another doubt ?
gray amber of its affectionate look
escapes in the darkness of my drunk soul
Sighing a lyric complaint
The happiness bewitches me
such a heavenly bliss

We did not stop to say:
once the time softens, the dreams also
The life will be our idyll, our paradise
And each time that I feel more my pain
I am found out my sorrow

Jealously, I observed
at the dawn of the history, the tide
Blue of liberty, sky of the airfield
moors Adonis far from his follower
The absentee joins the memory
Nostalgic follower still waiting
A pastoral proverb adorining the anxiety:
Goodbye sorrows, to us the life.
28 décembre 1999

1 commentaire:

ulyssen a dit…

bravo tres beau poeme !!
l'image que t'as mise me fait penser a l'oeuvre d'Andy warol !! ca resemeble a son style !