vendredi 21 mai 2010

to write few words here and there

Last night,
it was dark,
the words were as swords;
hard and pure
But love always win
as you promised

You are the rainbow that colors my life
and the rainbow goes from black to pink
from red to gray
from me to me
from Hell to Johnny
as a sensational roller-coaster

Some ghosts are spying any greyness
and perhaps want to come out of my past
These are just poems,
words that I draw because I miss writing
and poems are often sad
sometimes I miss the sadness
and I invent a sad story
to write few words
Here and there


dimanche 2 mai 2010

Wandering soul' words

I thought I lost for good

the feeling

how can love be

so distant and insecure

how soul can be wanderring

like the ghost of a man who was killed two hundred times

but life

only life

still killing

all the beautiful moments

and still digging holes in my yard